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Purchasing a bath rug is actually a simple task. It doesn’t require a check list or a long decision-making process. Consumers usually see a bath rug that catches their eye, and if it is available in the color they are looking for, they buy it. It is helpful, however, to know a few things about bath rugs before you begin shopping.

Bath rugs make life a little bit more comfortable, especially when getting out of the bathtub or shower, so most people consider them to be a good investment. Why not step out onto the soft, deep plush of a bath rug instead of taking a chance of slipping on a bare, tile floor? Whether a bathroom is large or small, there are bath rugs made to fit your room. They come in a myriad of styles and colors that fit any décor, from country cottage to ultra-contemporary.

Bath RugThere are two basic types of bath rugs – those with non-skid backs and those without them. A rug with a non-skid back is much safer, especially if the floor in your bath tends to be slippery. Rugs without this backing can slide across the floor when you step on them, which can be very dangerous and even lead to injuries. If you find a bath rug that does not have a non-skid back, it is possible to buy a rug liner made of a similar non-skid material that you can cut to the exact size of your bath rug and place underneath it.

After deciding which of these two rugs you prefer, you will have to choose between a short, loopy bath rugor one with a deep plush pile. Rugs with exaggerated, large loops are very trendy and fit well into a contemporary bath setting. They not only have very large loops, but they come in bright, unusual colors such as grape, fuchsia, and neon orange. Bath rugs like these will brighten even the darkest bathroom, and they are an interesting conversation piece for a bath that will be used by guests.

Bath rugs are usually made of several different fabrics – cotton, nylon, or micropolyester. Choosing which one of these to buy is dependent on your décor and the look you want in your bathroom. If you are trying to create a spa-like ambiance in your bath area, micropolyester bath rugs are modern, simple, and come in colors that are often subdued and that will blend into the décor, rather than become the center of the room. Micropolyester rugs can be loopy, but most are medium to high plush piles. Nylon bath rugs are very plush, and are often used in traditional decors. Cotton bath rugs are typically simple, low pile loopy rugs that do not have non-skid backs. They work well in any décor, but they are not as elegant as the other types of bath rugs.

The shapes of bath rugs also vary greatly – from rectangular shapes of various sizes to round rugs to those that are contour-shaped and fit around the toilet. A few odd-shaped bath rugs are also available that are made in the shapes of fish, boats, and other items.

Many people prefer solid color bath rugs in traditional colors of pink, blue, green, beige, white, or black. Today’s modern bath rugs come in a great variety of colors, and many tend to be pale pastels. Another popular trend is having a solid-color bath rug with another similar color as a border around the perimeter of the rug. Retro looks are also popular, which imitate the styles of the 1950’s – cotton chenille rugs with raised flowers. No matter what choice you make in purchasing your next bath rug, there is the one special rug just waiting for you!



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